The Everyday Corset By Victoria Whiteland

The Everyday Corset

Introducing the modern, powerful and lightweight
corset for daily body-shaping

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The Everyday corset is an award winning modern corset for women of today.

Vital posture correction and muscle support

Designed by Victoria Whiteland, an expert corsetière with over 20 years experience in figure-enhancing couture corsetry and underwear.

A Powerful Everyday Corset

A traditional corset is not particularly suitable or appropriate for wearing under a modern woman's every day wardrobe, or office clothes! It is this problem that I set out to answer.

Over a period of years I developed and perfected The Everyday Corset. A corset that women can wear whenever they wish. A garment that will change women's lives - and the way women everywhere see themselves.

Our grandmothers knew that wearing corsetry could mould and reshape the figure naturally.

My corsets are modern and ergonomic, created to give support to the muscles of the stomach and lumbar region and will re-define the figure naturally. A corset can improve the effects of ageing and discomfort by supporting the flesh without allowing it to sag, and will provide gentle long term shape maintenance.

Black Everyday Corset

Above: The Everyday Corset - Black Satin

The Everyday Corset is helping women to maintain a healthy and attractive physique. It is functional yet beautiful.

I am a professional corsetière and couture designer with a wealth of experience and high profile work for a variety of individuals and fashion houses. I have spent many years designing and producing corsets with the customer's individual needs and concerns in mind.

"It’s my hope that The Everyday Corset will be welcomed by women as confidence inspiring, figure enhancing, something that they will be glad to own."

Victoria Whiteland

Benefits of The Everyday Corset

Traditional Corset Everyday Corset
Reduce waist size traditional corset traditional corset
Maintain your figure traditional corset traditional corset
Sexy and alluring traditional corset traditional corset
Supportive traditional corset traditional corset
Dramatic shape traditional corset traditional corset
Powerful traditional corset traditional corset
Posture correcting traditional corset traditional corset
Lightweight traditional corset traditional corset
Flexible traditional corset traditional corset
Designed for daily wear traditional corset traditional corset
Suitable for most active use traditional corset traditional corset
Washable traditional corset traditional corset
Breathable material traditional corset traditional corset
Quick to put on traditional corset traditional corset
Low cost traditional corset traditional corset
Evolving concept traditional corset traditional corset
Modern traditional corset traditional corset
Quick to take off traditional corset traditional corset
No fitting instruction needed traditional corset traditional corset

What Others Have Said

I received my Everyday Corset today, and I am absolutely in love with it. It's comfortable, and I feel so confident in it. And not to mention, this is one of the best priced corsets out there. You do some absolutely beautiful work. Keep it up! H.C.

Just a quick email to say that I've received the corset- I'm wearing it now actually, and it's fantastic! Fingers crossed I'll have the body I've always wanted soon but the corset makes me feel so much more confident already! CM

Congratulations on making such a great product! :) PP

I received my corset last week and wore it on an evening out, everyone commented on how ‘trim’ I looked! After having my baby the tummy is my problem area and the Everyday Corset addresses that very issue. It is very comfortable to wear and sexy! I think it’s fantastic . SP

The corset feels fantastic. I am wearing it today - my gorgeous figure is back. AL

I just wanted to say thank you, the corset arrived in time for my holiday, and it was perfect, I am really pleased. JW

I got my corset, I love it! PP

So many thanks for sending me your wonderful innovative corset. It worked like a charm, instantly :-) I.N

Current Availability

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Last updated: 15th Janurary 2015

Sizes are approximately 8 to 20 (U.K.)
*Other sizes are available upon special request.

Please get in contact if you wish to order a different size, need additional requirements such as extra back support and reduction in unusual prominence areas (rib cage, stomach, hips) addressed, or would like more information.

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SA40 9RP,
United Kingdom

If you wish to enquire about a traditional made to measure corset, then please have a look at my other site:

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We make every effort to ensure that the corset you receive will be a comfortable and a perfect fit. To help create the most wonderful shape for you and give you the optimum waist and tummy reduction, please check the size chart below before ordering.

If you find that you don't fit any of the standard sizes below, don't worry, we can offer you a made to measure Everyday Corset. Simply give us your under-bust, waist and high hip measurements and we will custom make your corset for only £19.99 extra.

Please get in contact if you wish to order a full length (over-bust) version of the Everyday Corset, as featured in the Daily Mail. Full length prices start at £160 and require additional measurements.

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The Everyday Corset is made in the UK